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Happy Sunday purples!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and a great weekend.  I had a massively busy week and weekend.  I am happy to say though, that whilst my weekend was extra full with a training course, I enjoyed it immensely and that is actually the topic of my blog this week.

As most of you know, I have made it my mission in life to help as many people such as myself who struggle with their weight to lose it and create a healthier, happier one for themselves.  It was suggested to me a while ago by someone that as well as my life experience, it might be a good idea to do some kind of course such as counselling or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help me to learn the best language and ways of helping my clients.  Upon doing some research, NLP seemed like a good fit for me and I had a look at some courses.  Whilst looking at a particular training course, I found a special offer to do a Hypnosis course over a weekend for a massively discounted price and thought that it would be a good place to start.  Hypnosis is different to NLP, but I thought it would still be a good tool for my tool belt so to speak and something to get started on until I can organise to do an NLP course.

I have always been intrigued by things such as hypnosis, so when I signed up for the course I was quite excited.  However, while all of my weeks are very full…..I AM trying to build an empire here you know lol…….last week was massive even by my normal standards.  So, by the time I got to where the training course was being held in Brisbane for the start of it on Friday night, I was already absolutely shattered, wasn’t looking forward to it and really just wanted to go home.  I was tired, I could feel my body fighting the sickness going around that was trying it’s darnedest to get a hold of me, I had wanted to go to my hotel first to check in and put my stuff in the room before the course started but hadn’t had time so I was annoyed, and I was just generally not my normal chirpy positive self.  I went into the course which began at 6pm and struggled to stay awake until it finished at 10pm.

I am guessing it doesn’t really sound like I was having a great time yet, does it?  Stick with me though…..the good stuff is coming.  The first night we learnt a lot of great stuff.  Some of it wasn’t even directly about hypnosis, but it needed to be explained so that we could determine whether we would actually be able to help a client or not and I definitely had some “aha” moments and will use what I learned in many areas of my life from now on.  Our first experience of hypnosis during the course was that night and the training session was ended by the instructor performing hypnosis on us all as a group, giving us several suggestions.  I can’t remember exactly, but I think that there were 3 suggestions that he gave us during the hypnosis.  One was that we would learn quickly, another was that we would have more energy & vitality and I can’t remember the 3rd one.  After the course finished, I drove to my hotel, had a shower and crawled into bed just before midnight absolutely exhausted.

The next morning I got up, did my workout, got ready and walked the half an hour from my hotel to where the course was.  It started at 9:30am and went until 7:30pm with a 1 hour lunch break.  It was a long day with a lot of content and practising that would normally have been very draining for me.  I didn’t feel one tiny bit tired the whole day.  I didn’t start to fall asleep at any point and even when I got back to my hotel and it was time for bed, I didn’t feel particularly tired but knew that I needed to get a decent sleep, so went to bed about 10:30.

Again today, I turned up at my course full of energy and didn’t feel tired at any point.  Not even on the drive home from Brisbane tonight after my course.  I also had hypnosis performed on me this afternoon towards the end of the course.  All the participants had to perform hypnosis on someone and have hypnosis performed on them as part of the assessment.  Obviously we had to pick an issue that was a problem for us and I chose…..drum roll please… be more productive lol.  I will be the first to admit, that as much as I hate it, I really am the world’s biggest procrastinator.  I can hear you all asking now….did it work?!!  Only time will tell for sure, but I have to admit I find it very interesting that after getting home at 9pm and eating dinner, instead of telling myself that it is ok to skip my blog this week because I need to get to bed and heading upstairs, I headed to my desk, opened up my computer and started writing my blog.

Another thing that I want to add in as an aside to end on – mainly because I feel that there is an important lesson in it – is that even though I was tired and annoyed, something about this course felt different right from the start.  First of all, I am usually pretty shy, so the last place I ever choose to sit in a group situation where I don’t know anyone is the front row.  I usually go as far towards the back as I can.  When I walked into the training room on the Friday night, all the seats were pretty much empty, and without even thinking about it, I walked straight up to the seat on the end of the front row and plonked myself down.  I may have been falling asleep at times, but it wasn’t because the content was boring, it was just because I was so physically tired.  I also don’t usually enjoy training courses for various different reasons, but this one didn’t even seem like work.  I was so fascinated by it all and felt so passionately that it can definitely help me to help other people just like me and that is just total awesomeness as far as I am concerned!!

So, to clarify my ramblings so that you clearly understand what the whole point of my blog this week is… just don’t know where life is going to take you, but if you have faith in the universe, have an open heart and an open mind and take a step out of your comfort zone no matter what kind of a week you’ve had or how tired you are, it is amazing what can happen.  Right now, I feel even more amazing and I already felt pretty darn amazing let me tell you! 

Have a great week everyone!



PS – it is now 11pm as I am posting this…..NOW I am tired lol!!

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