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Not all weight loss is good weight loss!

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Not all weight loss is good weight loss!

Happy Sunday purples!

It’s that time of the week again and I hope you have all had a much better week than I have! Late Monday afternoon I started to feel a bit off, so I went to bed early and it all went downhill from there.  Overnight my throat started to get really sore and by the next morning I felt really really sick.  It hurt to swallow and I felt really nauseous.  I thought it would only be a 24 hour thing, but no such luck.  From Tuesday until Friday morning, I felt so sick that I couldn’t eat and basically slept as much as I could.  I couldn’t even contemplate going to training.  It was an effort to remain vertical for half the day, so training was definitely not going to be a good idea.  I lost weight obviously.  I actually lost 3.7kg between Monday morning and Friday morning.  One would think I would be jumping for joy.  I wasn’t, and it’s not because I was too sick.  It was because I knew that I didn’t lose fat.  I lost a whole lot of muscle.   How do I know that?  Because from Monday morning to Friday morning, I put on 5.8% body fat.  This brings me to the point of my blog post today.  Not all “weight loss” is good weight loss!

So many people are so fixated on the number on the scales as being the most important thing when they are trying to lose weight. The scale definitely has it’s place and can be a useful tool, but it definitely is not going to tell you the whole story, especially if you only have a basic set of scales.  I have scales that not only measure my weight, but they also measure my body fat, and while they won’t be 100% accurate, they are good enough that they tell me when my body fat is going up and when it is going down.  The body fat measurement is actually the most important number that I take into account when I do a weigh in.  I also take measurements and photos at regular intervals, because they also tell a much better story than the weight alone on a set of scales.

I tell my clients all the time to please not worry so much about the weight they see when we do a weigh in. They nod their heads, but I know they really do not believe me at times, especially if their weight has gone up between weigh-ins.  You have to put it into perspective though.  If weight has gone up, but body fat and cm’s have come down, it means that you have lost fat and gained muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat which is why the weight has gone up, but takes up less room causing cm loss and a smaller body.  Is this not what we are aiming for?  To be smaller?  So please get that stupid scale number out of your head as being the most important number!!  The more muscle we have the more calories we burn and there is nothing bad about that.  We are not trying to lose “weight”……..we are trying to lose “fat” and there is a very big difference.

So to really put it into perspective, let’s go back to what happened to me this week. From Monday to Thursday I basically didn’t eat much at all because I was too sick.  I had a week off training because I had rested over the weekend and then was too sick to go to training all week.  I lost 3.7kg.  Due to no training though, most of that was muscle with an end result of a gain of 5.8% body fat.  In LESS than a week!  When it comes to body fat, although 5.8% may not sound like a lot, it actually is.  The difference in how a body can look at the same weight with a difference of as little as 10% body fat can be massive, as can be seen in the pictures posted below.  Sometimes you need to see things visually to really have it hit home in your mind!


Some would focus on the 3.7kg and say that I had a wonderful weight loss. To those people I would say it is not good at all, because it was muscle loss, not fat loss.  I would be over the moon if it was fat loss, but any muscle loss if definitely not a good thing, and hopefully the pictures above help to show why creating and retaining muscle through proper nutrition and exercise is so very important.

Lastly, please do not worry that I am upset over my bad result this week. I am not.  I was sick.  It’s as simple as that.  I am on the mend and I will go back to normal this week and get my muscle back.  It is actually really good that this happened so that I could use it as a learning experience for others with a real life example with real life data.  I don’t mind being a human guinea pig for all my special purples out there lol!!

Anyway, that is definitely enough from me for today. Have a great week everyone and I will talk to you again next Sunday.



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