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I think I might be coming down with something…..

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January 22, 2017
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February 5, 2017
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I think I might be coming down with something…..

Happy Sunday purples!

I hope you have all had a great week and a lovely weekend!  I have had some time out over this weekend to spend with various friends and family for special occasions and it has been lovely.  However, my weekend has also been strange in a way and that is the topic of my blog today.

I have always been a lover of yummy food.  Sweet or savoury, I don’t really care.  I just love food, which is why I have had a weight problem my whole life.  Food has played such a major role in my life and I have actually felt as if I had a major addiction to food at various times in my life – an addiction that I am still learning how to control.  I have come a long way, but I still have my days where I just don’t want to stop eating.  I thought that this would never change.  That it was a part of my psyche and that I just had to keep it under control for the rest of my life.  After this week and particularly this weekend, I am beginning to wonder if that is actually the case.

A couple of months ago, one of my special clients gave me a set of educational cds on the subject of alkalising.  Maybe I am the only one in the world that didn’t know what alkalising was, but I didn’t and I found it very interesting.  I am going to assume that there are some of you out there like me that don’t know what alkalising is, so I will try to give you a short explanation.  Basically our body has to be at a certain PH level (around 7.4) to survive.  Everything that we consume has it’s own PH level, with some being alkaline and some being acid.  A neutral PH is 7 on the scale with really alkaline things being 14 and the most acidic things being 0.  When you look at a list of things that are alkaline and acidic, there are not many that are alkaline other than vegetables.  Most everything else that we consume is acidic to varying degrees – meat, dairy, pasta, bread, processed foods, coffee, alcohol and the list goes on.  The easiest way I find to explain the concept is that the body is like a set of balance scales, if you put a lot more acidic food in your body than alkaline food, then the scales are going to tip unevenly to the acidic side of the equation and our body becomes too acidic.  Luckily, our bodies have all kinds of ways to eliminate too much acid in our body to keep our PH level where it should be, but eventually over time, if we keep that unhealthy balance up, I wonder if it leads to some of the lifestyle related diseases that we are seeing more and more of these days?  Food for thought I guess. 

Anyway, back to the point at hand, which is that while I am certainly not prepared to go to the point of cutting out everything acidic and become a vegetarian, I did take stock of my day to day eating regime and felt that I could definitely make some changes to try and help my body out a bit on a day to day basis.  So for the last 2 weeks, I have changed my diet around a little bit, mainly just adding in more veges and salad and a green smoothie every day with supergreens added to it as well.  In addition I have reduced my animal products and in the last week I have started drinking alkaline water.  I have still had a couple of naughty treats over the week as I would normally have as well.  I didn’t really notice too much of a difference to be perfectly honest, until this weekend.  From some of the research that I have done on the subject and people that I have spoken to, as the body becomes less acidic and more alkaline, your food preferences change.  Apparently things taste sweeter and your body craves more alkaline foods rather than acidic foods.  I didn’t think that would happen to me.  I really really love my food and I love lots of things that I know are not good for me.  I just don’t eat them all the time.  Everything in moderation right?  Well I don’t know if there is something wrong with me or what, but since about Friday I have been noticing that I don’t seem to be as hungry for acidic foods.  I have still eaten them, but I have also noticed that when I eat them, I don’t seem to be enjoying them as much as I normally do.  I am also having a bit of a battle with my brain in relation to this whole scenario as well.  One would think that I would be happy not to be wanting naughty foods, and part of my brain does know that this is a good thing, but then the other part of me is sad because it feels as if all my fun is going to be taken away!  I think this is an issue that a lot of us have though.  Our body doesn’t necessarily want the bad food, our heads do.  I am interested to see how this whole things pans out to be quite honest and if I am not just sick and I keep going down the road of not wanting those naughty foods as often, I will certainly let you know!

Have a great week everyone!



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  1. Sandra Karamitelios says:

    Elle McPherson swears by this alkaline system to the point of extreme, she does her own urine testing!! Looking forward to the results of your experiment.

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